About Us

Cuban restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

Our Story

Since emigrating from Cuba, Noel Toledo and his family have been searching for authentic and mouthwatering Cuban food that embodies Cuban culture, heritage, and flavors.

His passion for Cuban food crafted from fresh and flavorful ingredients led them to embark on this new venture of opening a polished fast-casual Cuban restaurant, which is missing from the restaurant landscape.

Through their travels, Noel and his wife have been inspired to cook and are passionate about trying out new recipes while at the same time em- bracing generation-old family dishes. Their passion is contagious and it will show in all aspects of Made In Havana

These family recipes and dishes made from the heart have been the inspiration for Noel’s restaurant and will be one of the many culinary highlights of his concept, named Made in Havana.

Noel & Natalie Toledo

Noel and Natalie Toledo

Why Made in Havana?

To bring his concept to life, Noel has assembled his “Dream-Team” of Culinary experts.. This collaboration is designed to leverage everyone’s collective knowledge and expertise so Made in Havana can be the concept that shares their love for Cuban food, as well as the richness of our culture and cuisine.


Traditional Cuban Recipes That Will Wow Your Tastebuds

Fresh Ingredients

We select and utilize only the freshest ingredients for each of our dishes.

Chef Noel

Noel is passionate about cuban food and likes to use his culture flavors to create unique casual experience.